MaxiScan EU702 Code Scanner Reader

MaxiScan EU702 Code Scanner Reader
MaxiScan EU702 Code Scanner ReaderMaxiScan EU702 Code Scanner Reader
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EU702 code scanner an innovative multifunctional scan tool


MaxiScan EU702 Code Scanner Reader


EU702 code scanner an innovative multifunctional scan tool which used to diagnose Engine, Transmission, Air bag, ABS Systems for the Major European vehicle and retrieves vehicle information such as VIN,CID and CVN.



1. Global OBD2 & EOBD coverage.

2. Resets OIL SERVICE indicator light.

3. Supports all 9 Test Modes of of the latest J 1979 OBD2 test specs.

4. Retrieves generic {PO, P2, P3 & UO} and Manufacturer specific {P1, P3, & U1} codes.

5. Displays DTC definitions on screen.

6. Views FREEZE FRAME data.

7. Displays O2 Sensor data as well as LIVE DATA STREAM parameters.

8. Data Graphing - 1996 and newer.

9. Reads, stores and plays back LIVE Sensor data.

10. Memory / Battery backup for off vehicle data review and analysis

11. Performs Modules Present test.

12. Retrieves vehicle information {VIN, CID & CVN}.

13. Supports all current OBD2 Protcols, inc CAN {Controller Area Network}.

14. Extremely easy to use and reliable.

15. Built in OBD2 look up Library.

16. Prints data via PC.

17. Comes with, OBD2 cable, USB cable, Users manual.


Available veichles:

1. VW/Audi         1990-2006

2. BMW            1993-2006

3. Mini             1995-2006

4. Mercedes Benz   1995-2006

5. Vauxhall       1998-2006

6. Volvo          1996-2005

7. Supports Global EOBD/OBD2 Coverage


Package list:

Main Unit

User's Manual

OBD2 cable

USB cable

Nylon carry case