MVP Key Programmer V1201

MVP Key Programmer V1201
MVP Key Programmer V1201MVP Key Programmer V1201
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MVP is made by Advanced Diagnostics Limited, it is the update version of perfect product AD100.


MVP Key Programmer V1201


MVP means Multi Vehicle Programmer, MVP is made by Advanced Diagnostics Limited, it is the update version of perfect product AD100.

The idea of MVP is: you only pay a little money and you can use the original full functions code read by installment plan. You can pay token when you make the key.

Covers all version functions of T300, AUTOMAM, K1, 2005, 2008, DECODER), and add more functions, such as the update 06-07 Honda system, Peugeot system and control, Hyundai system and control, the menu and control of Daewoo, Kia control, GM control and System update, Mitsubishi CAN BUS System, VW menu and control, CAN BUS Interface.


Newest Version: V1201



1. Read the default code of car

2. Cleanup all default code

3. Read the data of system

4. Read the IMMO/ECU ID code

5. Read the code of mechanical key

6. Cleanup the memory of car key

7. Programmer a new key

8. Read the enter code of car key

9. Discern the type of ECU

10. Programmer ECU-IMMOBILISER

11. Read the EKA code

12. Programmer the new EKA code

13. Programmer remote device

14. Matching the intelligent key

15. Matching the intelligent remote key


Added the model after update:

1. SAAB-Matching key of CAN BUS system

2. Honda (07 Civic)

3. Toyota/Lexus-CAN BUS system

4. Volvo-key matching

5. Mitsubishi-CAN BUS system

6. Hyundai/Kia-CAN BUS system

7. NISSAN-matching intelligent remote key

8. VAG read code function

9. ROVER-MG and so on.


Package list:

Honda 3Pin adapter x 1pc

Honda OBD adapter x 1pc

Peugeot -1 adapter x 1pc

Peugeot -2 adapter x 1pc

GM/Daewoo adapter x 1pc

Mitsubishi adapter x 1pc

Suzuki adapter x 1pc

Nissan 14Pin adapter x 1pc

Nissan 16Pin adapter x 1pc

Audi 2+2Pin adapter x 1pc

OBD-II adapter x 1pc

CHRYSLER 138 adapter x1pc

CHRYSLER 139 adapter x1pc

MVP HandHeld tester x 1pc

9 inch main cable x 1pc

12V Power supply x 1pc



Q: How to know the MVP password?

A: The password is on the back of the MVP. When you received the product, please check the back, you will found the password.


Q: What is the version of MVP?

A: The version is V1201.